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Chapter 8: The AdminConfig Object
Create and Modify Methods
page 160 to 162
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Return all templates for a given WAS configuration type. The sample code below will show all templates for DataSources in this cell. Templates greatly simplify the creation of new elements.

print AdminConfig.listTemplates( 'DataSource' )


If at all possible, avoid using this command. Use AdminTask commands if available. This is a very low level element creation that is only appropriate for simple configuration elements. You must know the type of element to create, the parent node of that element, and the attributes to initialize.

secMgrID = AdminConfig.getid( '/Security:/' ) jaasID = AdminConfig.create( 'JAASAuthData', secMgrID, \ [ ['alias', 'BossNode/DatabaseCredentials'], \ ['description', 'This is an example of a JAAS Authentication Alias'], \ ['userId', 'Database-User-ID'], \ ['password', 'SuperT0pSecret'] ])

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