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Configuration Types

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Chapter 8: The AdminConfig Object
Configuration Types
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The WAS configuration tree is composed of elements. Some elements are very simple. Others are complex. Each element is some kind of WAS configuration type. You can discover all the available configuration types for your WAS installation.

print AdminConfig.types()

The exact number of types will vary by WAS version. It will also vary according to what additional WAS products you have licensed from IBM. In WAS version 7, there are at least 793. In version 8, there are at least 855.

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A Very Small Subset of the Available Configuration Types
AdminObject AppSecurity ApplicationServer Cell CellManager Chain Classloader ClusterMember ConfigSynchronizationService ConnectionPool ConnectionTest CoreGroup DataReplication DataReplicationDomain DataSource DataSourceDefinition DeployedObject Deployment EARFile EJBModuleDeployment EndPoint FileTransferService ForeignCell HAManagerPolicy HAManagerService JAASAuthData JMSConnectionFactory JMSDestination JMSProvider JavaProcessDef JavaVirtualMachine Key KeyManager KeyReference KeySet KeySetGroup KeyStore KeyStoreFile SIBus SIBusMember SSLConfig Security SecurityDomain SecurityDomainMember Server ServerCluster VariableMap VariableSubstitutionEntry VirtualHost WebServer WebserverPluginSettings

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