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The links you see here will take you to articles that the authors feel would interest people who read WebSphere Application Server Administration Using Jython. Some of these articles are here on our site. Other articles are published on other sites.
Design considerations for Jython scriptsFew examples exist that describe how you might go about creating a complete script. Therefore, Bob wrote a developerWorks article describing a process that he has used many times to create such scripts.Bob Gibson
Add a GUI to your jython scriptsBob wrote a developerWorks blog tabout calling Java's rich user interface to make the printout from an administrative script a lot easier to read. Pretty cool reading.Bob Gibson
WebSphere Application Server ArchitectureWAS is easier to understand when you remember that it is a distributed architecture in its essence. In this series of articles, Kevin discusses the networks that form the soul of WebSphere Application Server architecture.Arthur Kevin McGrath
Help for using the AdminTask script objectWhen Kevin was first learning how to write jython scripts, he had a hard time finding documentation for the AdminTask script object. He finally write a pretty long jython script just to put all the available help for the AdminTask script object into one long XML file that you can open and read in a browser.Arthur Kevin McGrath
Connecting to the Derby database using jythonAlthough this developerWorks article about connecting to Derby does not explicitly deal with WebSphere Application Server, it does show how to use the DB/2 driver to connect to Derby. That may be of interest to WAS admin types.Bob Gibson
Short Jython scripts In the series of articles that begin here, Kevin shows some short sample scripts -- some as short as one line -- that do useful work. Arthur Kevin McGrath
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